KB the Label (2017)

KB the Label, a Toronto-based jewelry company, commissioned a series of illustrations to support the 2017 holiday campaign. Illustrations incorporate product photographs supplied by kb, with specific pieces selected collaboratively. After exploration of several illustration styles, the “fashion illustration” direction was selected.

This trio is dressed for holiday parties in a range of styles that a wide audience should be able to relate to. They wear oversized jewelry in novel ways to make sure the detail in each piece is highlighted!


A strong and tailored look for “She Woke Up Like This: Sure, she’s your best friend but sometimes even you wish you could do what she does just so damn easy. She’ll show up to brunch with bed head that looks like it was done by Chrissy Teigen’s hairstylist and last night’s makeup that’s somehow become the perfect smudged black eyeliner. She also happens to be as loyal as they come.”*


A light and feminine look for “The Sweetest Thing: We all have at least one of these in our family, nee friend group. You know, the kind one with the perfect cat eye and the interest-worthy apartment? She’s well read and has the wit to prove it.”


A sleek and tailored look for “The Chic One: Let’s face it, your friend/relative/colleague has their sh*t together. You may only see her every so often because her calendar is already booked to next spring. She’s that classic sophistication that makes you question if you should toss your Vans.”

* Italicized copy by Katie Boyle