On concept visions

Design Strategy: Leveraging a Concept Vision to Inform Strategic Direction

I think this article is a particularly good read since it's a large part of what I do at Insight! After several years of following this method through discovery research and early ideation, I’ve worked with our design and research teams to codify the process of creating concept visions as a tool for creating clarity in complex spaces. As the article explains,

“A Strategic Concept Vision integrates our research, design and engineering capabilities to help our clients and their customers see, evaluate, and build upon a prospective future. Simultaneously, we’re weighing critical business and technical factors to help determine overall viability.

The vision is born out of needs-based opportunities identified and informed by our design research or internally by our client. Discovery research is meant to both uncover user-driven opportunities and better understand the current or prospective context of use. Context of use could range from a NICU during feeding time to a microbiology lab receiving samples. This research will help communicate future scenarios that are both informed and relatable.”