Client: Hygienext, LLC
Services: Logo Design
Year: 2015

Hygienext is a Chicago-based healthcare startup, developing a product that will improve the habits of hospital staff surrounding glove use by vastly improving both the convenience and application of gloves. However, the company has future ambitions for hygiene beyond glove use, and needed a logo to reflect as much.


While early approaches explored logomarks, it was decided that a logotype would ultimately be the best approach for a young company seeking to build brand recognition.

This design was selected for its ability to heighten the layers of meaning within the company’s name. The fresh blue hues convey cleanliness, underscoring the “hygiene” element, while the arrow between the E and X both creates forward momentum for the company and echoes the “next” element. 

The logotype retains legibility when scaled down and rendered in grayscale.