Client: Humanity Is, LLC
Services: Logo Design
Year: 2018

Focused on original documentary film, commercial, and branded content, video production company Humanity Is needed a logo that captured their mission to tell stories that get to the heart of what humanity is. Through character-driven storytelling, the company seeks to generate cross-cultural compassion and understanding of the human experience.

Business Card Hand Humanity Is Vertical.jpg

Clara Ritger, founder and filmmaker, had identified the blue color of her eyes as a signature component of her work.

“My eyes are basically my most memorable trait with clients and interviewees, because I’m looking at them all day, with my eyes and my camera.”

Clara Ritger, Founder

With this initial direction, I sought to create a symbol that would capture the human element of Clara’s work while communicating the nature of video production. My early exploration covered a range of styles, organized by theme as well as inspiration and benchmarking images.


After gathering feedback from Clara and polling several colleagues who only saw an eye in the round icon, I added “brackets” to suggest the camera body. I then tilted the icon to create a bit of human-like imperfection. Finally, I selected a script font that balanced legibility and visual interest; the challenge here became avoiding the “wedding invitation” or “spa” aesthetic, hence the inclusion of sans-serif choices as well.

The final logo was selected for its personality and approachability, suitable for a young production company intent on connecting people on a personal level.